Haven’t updated in a long while..

I'm at a loss for words at the moment. There's so much going on. My mom passed away in March. Life feels like a blur since then. Both my daughters have had their birthdays. The wife had hers & I had mine. I'm still melting glass, although for the past few days I've been waiting on a new part that melted in my O2 concentrator. So I haven't melted any glass recently. I haven't made any new music lately. I sort of abandoned / went on hiatus from the culinary device I invented. I saved all the work so far and stuffed it in a folder on the laptop to be visited later in the future. I got my “Woah Mann” artwork on some pipe pads, so that's pretty cool. I still need to get off my ass and get my online shop set up along with getting these out to the local shops. So much to do… Better go get ready for bed. Another long day tomorrow.


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Good Morning!

Well, I have been wanting to type more in my blog. I haven’t been able to push myself to make time for it. I suppose I could start doing this in the mornings.. It depends on when I wake up I suppose. So there’s a benefit auction coming up on the twenty-nineth of this month and I have been invited to attend and show/auction off some artwork of mine amongst other artists. Whether or not I should put in a bowl or Ā some other form of wood working artwork is beyond me. I started doing a painting just for the show when I found out about it. I’ll be posting photos sometime soon. I think I’ll go continue working on that now. I hope everyone is having a great day today!

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First blog on iPad 2

Well, this is my first blog entry on my new iPad 2. So far it’s not so bad.I guess I’ll try to add a photo.


There’s a bunch of HTML language up there, I can just assume that there’s a picture in there.

Well to add video I apparently need some video app called video press or something of that nature, I’ll check that out at a later time.

If this proves to be as easy to manage as I believe it’s going to be, I’ll be using it to bring all my ideas for and from my woodshop. Soon I should have my new tools and I can only imagine I’ll take photos and upload those to my blog.

Today I was leaving the parking lot of a major electronics retail chain and as I was backing out of the parking spot, someone of slack jawed inbred hunchbackened nature came whipping up into the parking spot next to me just missing my automobile by what couldn’t be any more than six inches. As I turn my head in complete astonishment glaring at the idiot I hear a voice bellow from the silverado,
“Ey you gahta prahlumpussy?”
To which I respond,
“Yeah, you need to learn how to drive!”
As it turns out, the driver of the truck isn’t the one blabbering, the passenger of the truck is the loudmouth here. He then gets out of the passenger side and yells at me,
“Why don’t you get a real haircut?!”
I proceed to drive away and hear dogs barking, confused, I go back up the opposite side of the parking lot and see the truck has two toy poodles yapping away in the cab of the truck. For one, I can’t believe some people still leave their pets in cars…sure it’s not very hot now in this time of year, but these damn rednecks shouldn’t be leaving their beloved animals inside a cramped vehicle. ….No matter how loud and irritating they might be..
Something comes to mind about this whole encounter, what defines a “real” haircut? Stupid rednecks..
Anyways, I plan to take up bonsai tree growing.

Growing the bonsai tree is a tradition that has really grasped my interest and I simply must start one. Luckily I have a large variety of trees that are sprouting up in my yard so I can begin soon.
Well I suppose it’s time for a little research on different species of wood and perhaps a little video chess then off to bed.

G’night everyone, I hope you have a pleasant Monday morning. šŸ™‚

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First iPhone app blog

Well today was sortof unproductive. With people constantly screaming at each other it’s amazing I got anything done at all. Much more to do in the morning, and much much more after that. I can’t wait until I’m done with all this horseshit of moving. It’s been nearly two years….

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creativity abounds!

first some photos…

the very first tiki was inspired by Shannon’s totem topper. Check out all his creativity on zentastic.com

theĀ  cupcakes were quite good, they had a hint of green for a neat glowing look to it.

Jess made some cookies during the holidays, i made the .gif image. what an excellent team we make huh?

so my quest to adhere to my new years resolution is ever present. im currently at 1024 x 768 and i dont see things waivering as of yet.


but no seriously, my new resolution is to try to be more creative, and less lackadaisical about my artistic activities and procrastinate less about doing so(and seeing how it took me this long to post something i was wanting to post about way back shortly after halloween, i can tell im off to a great start!). I fear I’ll never attain my goal of tattoo artistry if i don’t apply myself better to learning to better myself. I need to start on drawing every day again. I see this world passing around and everyone around me is moving, and progressing in their lives. Sadly Ive just been watching this all happen instead of trying to do something about it thats beneficial. Constant bitching about somewhat talentless hacks get into an industry simply because “its good for ratings” is bs.

Seeing how these people act in a “professional setting” on these tattoo shows and reading about complete disregard for the industry of tattooing as a whole by unlicensedĀ  tattoo “artists” is just fueling an anger i have about how people that have no right being in the places they are exist where they are and make the community of artists and tattoo aficionados look poorly in the worlds eyes. If i can simply get myself started in an apprenticeship ill be that much closer to bettering the tattooing community and myself just a little, and every little bit counts.

back to work, next post shall contain more pictures!

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Hello world!


This is my first blog entry on wordpress.


I wonder whats up with this double spacing….

ahwell, ill fix it in the morning after a cup and a bowl.

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