creativity abounds!

first some photos…

the very first tiki was inspired by Shannon’s totem topper. Check out all his creativity on

the  cupcakes were quite good, they had a hint of green for a neat glowing look to it.

Jess made some cookies during the holidays, i made the .gif image. what an excellent team we make huh?

so my quest to adhere to my new years resolution is ever present. im currently at 1024 x 768 and i dont see things waivering as of yet.


but no seriously, my new resolution is to try to be more creative, and less lackadaisical about my artistic activities and procrastinate less about doing so(and seeing how it took me this long to post something i was wanting to post about way back shortly after halloween, i can tell im off to a great start!). I fear I’ll never attain my goal of tattoo artistry if i don’t apply myself better to learning to better myself. I need to start on drawing every day again. I see this world passing around and everyone around me is moving, and progressing in their lives. Sadly Ive just been watching this all happen instead of trying to do something about it thats beneficial. Constant bitching about somewhat talentless hacks get into an industry simply because “its good for ratings” is bs.

Seeing how these people act in a “professional setting” on these tattoo shows and reading about complete disregard for the industry of tattooing as a whole by unlicensed  tattoo “artists” is just fueling an anger i have about how people that have no right being in the places they are exist where they are and make the community of artists and tattoo aficionados look poorly in the worlds eyes. If i can simply get myself started in an apprenticeship ill be that much closer to bettering the tattooing community and myself just a little, and every little bit counts.

back to work, next post shall contain more pictures!


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