Haven’t updated in a long while..

I'm at a loss for words at the moment. There's so much going on. My mom passed away in March. Life feels like a blur since then. Both my daughters have had their birthdays. The wife had hers & I had mine. I'm still melting glass, although for the past few days I've been waiting on a new part that melted in my O2 concentrator. So I haven't melted any glass recently. I haven't made any new music lately. I sort of abandoned / went on hiatus from the culinary device I invented. I saved all the work so far and stuffed it in a folder on the laptop to be visited later in the future. I got my “Woah Mann” artwork on some pipe pads, so that's pretty cool. I still need to get off my ass and get my online shop set up along with getting these out to the local shops. So much to do… Better go get ready for bed. Another long day tomorrow.



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